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Outsourcing Your Crewing department

by SA - 05/12/2011

"Selling the crewing department. Sea Alliance will purchase the crewing service from shipping companies."

The shipmanagement company Sea Alliance (IOM) Ltd has developed a strategy offering shipping companies to purchase their crewing department.
The idea is simple and stunningly innovative. The crewing activities will be outsourced to Sea Alliance who are based on the Isle of Man. Sea Alliance will provide to the companies the crewing department service, which is different to crew management.
The owner will get everything he needs from a crewing department, experience, quality, trained personnel, resources for seafarers, travel arrangement and P&I administration, availability, just to mention some main points.
Sea Alliance will charge for the crewing activities at cost only and is able to drop the expenses significantly. In return they will pay the owner an annual commission related to the number of seafarers provided.

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