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Tomasos Brothers Inc., Piraeus - Greece

Tomasos Brothers Inc., Piraeus - Greece

Piraeus, Greece Europe (EU country)

Gaining the respect of the Italian shipping community
Nicos Tomasos gained the respect and admiration of the Italian shipping community. Major Italian Charterers and Ship owners entrusted him with the agency of their trade. Nicos Tomasos went into the ship management business for the first time by participating into a T2 type tanker, the “MARCO R”, jointly with Italian shipowners.
He was married to Giovanna Stroffolino and had three children, Theano, Sonia and Alexis.
The shipping company established by Nicos Tomasos expanded and went into a larger scale of Management Initially the company managed small motor-ships sailing between the Mediterranean Sea and the Continent. Their names were “THEANO”, “AMPHION” and “ROSA”. Given the opportunities of the sixties and seventies the Company moved on to larger tween-deckers, of 11.000 to 16.000 tons DWT, such as the “THEANO”, “GIOVANNA”, “ANDRIA”, “CAPETAN COSTIS” and “GEORGIOS”.
In the mid seventies- early eighties, the tween-deckers were gradually substituted with bulkcarriers of 14.000 to 28.000 tons DWT, like the “STELLA”, “GIOVANNA”, “THEANO”, “VANNA”, and “ALEXIS”. These bulk-carriers were also gradually replaced by larger bulk-carriers at sizes, which increased according to the market needs from 54.000 to 75.000 DWT such as the “CAPETAN COSTIS”, “ROSA”, “SONIA”, “CHARIKLEIA” and “THEANOULA”.
At the end of the eighties the company managed ten large bulk-carriers and entered into the tanker industry.

Company: Tomasos Brothers Inc., Piraeus - Greece
Company Type: Employer
Contact Name: Crewing
Industry: Tanker
Address: Thomasos Brothers Inc., 2, Iassonos Street, Piraeus 185 37 Greece. Phone: +(30) 210 4284107 Telex: 211994 HIOS GR E-mail: office@tomasos.gr
Zip/Postal Code: Gr-185 37
Phone: +(30) 210 4284107
E-mail: crew@tomasos.gr  [ Send Private Message ] 
URL: http://tomasos.gr/tomasos-contact.php
Registered from: 21/06/2011
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